Revision of the Childcare Leave Law in Japan 1st April in 2022

sleeping babyPaternity Leave in Japan

Revision of the Childcare Leave Law in Japan

In 2022, a revised law will come into effect that requires companies to inform men that they can take paternity leave when they report their wives’ pregnancy to the company. It’s a duty of notification from 1st April.

Obligation to improve the employment environment and take individual measures to inform and confirm the intentions of employees

To create an employment environment that facilitates the use of childcare leave, employers must take one of the following measures

  1. Conduct training on childcare leave and postpartum father’s leave
  2. Establishment of a consultation system, etc. (establishment of a consultation counter)
  3. Collection and provision of examples of childcare leave and postnatal parental leave taken by workers in the company
  4. Informing the company’s workers about the childcare leave and postnatal parental leave systems and policies for promoting the use of childcare leave


Individual measures for informing and confirming the intention of workers who have proposed pregnancy or childbirth.

Employers must inform workers who report pregnancy or childbirth of their own or their spouse’s childcare leave system, etc., of the following items and confirm their intention to take leave on a case-by-case basis.

The following four items should be made known to the public

(1) System concerning childcare leave and postnatal leave for fathers and fathers after childbirth
(2) Where to apply for childcare leave and postpartum maternity leave for fathers
(3) Matters related to childcare leave benefits
(4) Handling of social insurance premiums to be paid by workers for the period of childcare leave and postnatal leave for fathers

Individual notification ・Method of confirming intentions

(1) In-person (2) In writing (3) By fax (4) By e-mail, etc.
Note: Online interviews are also possible for (1). (3) and (4) are available only if the worker requests them.

Deregulating requirements for fixed-term workers to take childcare/nursing care leave

Before (for childcare leave)
(1) Continuously employed for at least one year
(2)It is not clear that the contract will expire before 1 year and 6 months of age.


From April 1, 2022
Eliminated requirement (1), only (2).
*Treated in the same way as workers hired for indefinite periods
(Workers who have been continuously employed for less than one year can be excluded by concluding a labor-management agreement.)
** Childcare leave benefits are also eased in the same way.

My expectations on the occasion of this legal revision

Invisible bad customs that hinder paternity leave in Japan
I hope this will be an opportunity to break through the “workplace atmosphere.